Collection: Keith "K-Dawg" Baldwin


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1,000 Ties will enhance the quality of life for youth by teaching them skills they can use for a lifetime. With the help of men from the community young men ages 10-19 in high poverty rate cities will learn these skills. They will develop their confidence so that they can interview, network, and break the cycle of generational poverty starting with something as simple as a tie.

Keith Manning Baldwin (1960 - )

Born and raised in Houston, Baldwin attended the M.B. Smiley High School, which Marilyn Gambrell's "No More Victims" program originated. He went on to Texas A&M before being drafted 31st overall by the Browns in the 1982 draft.

He enjoyed a seven-year career with the Browns, Chargers, and Raiders.

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 263

Nickname: K-Dawg